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Organic Order to Manufacture Concept
We want to make sure that our customers not only enjoy the designer pieces, but also the price of those items. Thanks to our extensive networks of manufacturers we are able to introduce a lot of designers’ products but at a much lower price. We have fulfilled this promise by directly reducing the cost of storage, shop rental and other unnecessary costs that silently passed onto you by other players. We dispatch all orders seamlessly once production is completed.
We routinely list some eye catching products and let you decide whether they are worth the price. 
Each product listed on the Organic Order to Manufacturer needs to have a minimum quantity to be viable. If the minimum quantities are not met, don’t worry, we will refund you in full.
At each of the Organic Order to Manufacturer product listing, there is an indication to advise you the status of the order.
Red Color code     - This listing is pending for a customer (The Deal is not On!)
Yellow Color code - This listing is pending and requires a few more customers to make it live! (If the listing time-frame is reached and we still could not consolidate enough customers, all money will be refunded in full on the next business day.)
Green Color code - Congratulation! This listing is live and your order will be sent to manufacturer for processing once the listing is finished. It generally takes 2-4 weeks if it is in stock products. If it is custom made design, it can take up to 45-60 days for processing. Please always refer the listing description for the fine print of lead time.
Note: Lead time advise mentioned above will only start counting after the listing is off-listed.
By grouping the power of customers, we are able to compel our manufacturers to provide us a better deal with custom-made products.
Our commitment to Organic Orders
Emma’s Design understands that sometimes you may get frustrated while purchasing custom-made products. The product is not as described, product materials are not clearly mentioned, delivery time frame is not clear and other similar issues.
At Emma’s Design, our major commitment is transparency. We update customers about the progress of each project and provide as much information as they need through our social site. From production stages to delivery updates, buyers are informed about everything. We also share the inspirational and emotional stories of designers with you. Please follow us on Facebook.
Emma’s Design believes customers in Australia deserve a better choice and we will work to achieve our tasks with following commitments-

Inordinary  .  Affordable .  Transparency